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This person can eat anything all the time and will not gain an ounce.

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This person can eat anything all the time and will not gain an ounce.

Mesomorph: This type of person can generally put on muscle very easily. Protein should come from very lean sources. Oh boy.

Endomorph: The only thing this type of person has to do is look at food and they gain weight. Some possible characteristics are narrow shoulders or a pear shaped body. It is quite obvious this strong-armed man did not have strength in math, but never the less he was successful in pursuing a bodybuilding lifestyle.

Ectomorph: This type of person has a hard time putting on weight. Usually a tad bit high strung.

One time, a successful bodybuilder once told me that bodybuilding is 80% knowledgeable training and 80% nutrition. For the bodybuilding diet, eat enough calories to maintain and build muscle, but keep it a very clean and healthy diet or you will put on the fat. The three types of body styles are Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. After deciding on the type of body you have you can adjust your workout accordingly. It is not imperative to do this but it does help you achieve your desired effect. They have more of Air-Cooled Condensers an athletic build. Typically a thin, wiry type of build. The bodybuilding diet, eat low calorie foods such as vegetables and fruits. Ectomorph must do enough cardio work to keep the heart healthy. That includes fat or muscle. Broad shoulders, wide back and thick thigh muscles are some of the characteristics of this type. Preferably in whole and natural form. Watching their diet is a big problem for this person. For a bodybuilding diet this person can eat all the bread, rice and potatoes they want.

You can be a combination of two or even all three-body types.

To determine what kind of nutrition and training you should follow, you must first determine what type of body style you have. This person must strive to keep an active lifestyle to burn the calories. You can be a bodybuilder no matter what type of body you have. And not the right kind of weight. Its just that some will have an easier time than others will. Wait a minute that was me who said that. This person might have to monitor their health more closely for heart disease later in life. But don’t overdo it or you will waste away your hard-earned muscle. Do first, ask later mentality.

. This person does have to watch what they eat or they will be adding fat on their body. Just like someone hooked them up intravenously with double Air-Cooled Condensers strength espresso. In the bodybuilding circle this is a hardgainer. This person might have an aggressive type of behavior. At the office, they can eat a bag of chips and wash it down with a soda and then go to break eating even more. Do enough cardio work to keep the fat off

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